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Mold Mitigation and Testing Services

With 20 years experience in the Mold Mitigation and testing industry, we have the experience to help diagnose and solve nearly any interior mold problems. Our partner company, HomeTec, provides full mitigation services. 

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Mitigation Services. 

If you have mold, its not just enough it goes away. Determing the root cause and taking the necessary steps to make sure it does not come back are absolutely key to a successful remediation. With over 20 years experience in the Mold Mitigation industry and over 1000 attics treated, we stand alone in Whatcom County as THE most experienced mold mitigation service you will find. Our services are based on solid science, information and over 2 decades of experience. 

Testing and Inspection Services

Determing whether a structure has mold is a multi step process that starts with inspection and testing. If you believe you have mold in your structure, we have over 20 years experience in mold testing. Our testing services are professional, reasonably priced and we are always there to help explain the results in plain English. 

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